• MaterialTRITAN
  • Dimensions188MM
  • Dimensions107.5mm(Top with grip) x 92mm(Height)
  • Product Feature
    1. Recyclable, 100% Recycling eco-friendly product
    2. Made Of Tritan material which is certified by FDA
    3. Non-Toxic, BPA Free, can replace Melamine tableware
    4. Shatter-Proof, easy to clean
    5. Elegant Style And Less Breakage Compared To Glass Dinnerware
    6. Acid and heat resistant (90 ° C), suitable for hot or acidic foods
    7. Dishwasher safe and Microwave safe (for microwave, please refer to Note 1.)
    8. Passed the test of Taiwan Food Container Inspection Standard
    9. Stackable storage when not in use, saving space
  • Note
    1. When using a microwave oven, do not heat for more than 2 minutes (limited to 900W (equal) or less)
    2. Heating time limited to 2 minutes or less. Caution: Foods contains a lot of oil, chilli sauce, curry, and tomato sauce, it may cause coloring, discoloration, or deformation of the tableware
    3. This food container can't be used as a cookware. Please use a microwave oven for a short period of time (less than 2 minutes) to heat food containing less oil
    4. The water-containing food will swell when stored frozen, and the food placed should not exceed 3/4 of the container
    5. When storing foods containing large amounts of pigments and fermented foods, the containers may be discolored
    6. Please stay away from fire
    7. Do not use in the oven
    8. Do not directly heat the empty food container
    9. When cleaning, it is recommended to use a soft sponge. Do not use hard or coarse scouring pad to avoid scratches
    10. Do not give impact or wipe with abrasive powder


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