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About Living Fountain

Living Fountain, your premier green packaging supplier committed to 100% recycling. We believe that a green lifestyle starts with small actions like using eco-friendly packaging in your daily life. Join us and take actions to create a better world for ourselves and future.

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Product Line & Manufacture Experience

Dedicated to sustainable business and being friendly to our planet. Living Fountain boasts over 30 years of practical expertise in plastic molding technology and continues to deepen its capabilities. We have a wealth of capabilities, including material research, mold development, process optimization and quality inspection. Our main product offerings cover three major packaging areas: 1. Personal Care and Household Cleaning, 2. Food safety and 3. Biotech and pharmaceuticals. Many well-known household cleaning and personal care brands are our clients, such as Taiwan Kao, Taiwan Shiseido, Taiwan O’right, Germany Sebamed, and Vietnam Mentholatum, among others.

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About Taste Living

Taste Living is our company's new development in the food safety packaging field. The entire series of utensils are safe, high-quality, free of heavy metals, BPA, and melamine, and are recyclable and reusable. They replace disposable tableware and Melamine tableware. The emergence of these excellent utensils not only offers a safer and more environmentally friendly tableware choice but also demonstrates Living Fountain's determination and strength in continuous innovation in the packaging industry. We look forward to Taste Living bringing more convenience and a better user experience for consumers.

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What Service Living Fountain Can Offer?

In addition to direct sales of existing products, Living Fountain also offer a complete range of professional services (OEM/ODM/OBM), with one-stop-shop approach includes design, mold making (including moldflow analysis and 3D printing) product manufacturing, sales and shipping services, to complete after-sales support. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing complete solutions for all your needs, ensuring that you can rely on us for a seamless experience from start to finish.

Whether you are looking to bring a new product to market, streamline your process, or improve your customer service, we have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

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Quality Polices

Taste Living is committed to using safe and environmentally friendly high-quality materials, including Tritan, crystalline PET(or CPET), and plant fibers material - sugarcane fiber, to produce durable and eco-friendly daily tableware. All of our products have certified by SGS and comply with US FDA regulations, ensuring that they do not contain harmful substances such as BPA, melamine, heavy metals, and have zero detectable levels of plasticizers. We are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy dining environment, so you can use our tableware with peace of mind.

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FDA compliant
Heavy metals

Taste Living's Safe Tableware Collection

Glassique Collection

  • Uncompromised Safety

    Taste Living products are 100% made in Taiwan, utilizing premium and Eco-Friendly Eastman Tritan plastic, it will not easy to break or shatter, making it worry-free when you accidentally drop one, safe and durable.

  • Crystal-Clear and Classical Design

    With classical design, crystal-clear and shiny, An awesome gift for family and friends.

  • Enjoy Hot Meals

    Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and deformation with our durable and heat-resistant tableware, ideal for serving hot meals up to 212℉(100℃)

Serene Collection

  • Heat It Up with Confidence

    Serene Collection plastic tableware can withstand up to 284℉(140℃) - perfect for microwaving.

Both Collections

  • Premium Material

    Taste Living's plastic tableware is made from BPA & EA-free material that has been approved by the FDA as non-toxic, with no presence of harmful substances such as melamine, heavy metals, or plasticizers.

    Our plastic tableware is compliant with food contact regulations, ensuring your meals can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

  • Stackable, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

    Taste Living plastic tableware are fully stackable, saving space in your cabinet, easy for cleaning and dishwasher & microwave safe.

  • Use It Again and Again

    Taste Living plastic tableware are durable, reusable, and resistant to breakage, so you can save money, reduce waste and confidently enjoy your meals.

  • Sustainable and convenient

    Taste Living plastic tableware are recyclable and easy to clean, making them a smart choice for the environment and your busy lifestyle.

  • For All Ages

    Suitable for all ages, particularly for those who need extra care and attention, such as seniors and young children.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Ideal for parties and gatherings, you can use them as pasta, soup, salad and dessert for any occasions: poolside, picnic, camping, barbecue or birthday party, home everyday dinner, school & business meeting, weddings and anniversaries, whether used daily or occasionally, these items are made to last and are sure to become a dependable part of your life.

Taste Living's Safe Tableware Collection

Sugarcane Fiber Tableware

Enjoy your meal and protect the environment with Taste Living’s plant fibers tableware!

  1. 01Made from renewable resources, reducing dependence on traditional fossil plastics.
  2. 02Environmentally friendly and biodegradable under specific conditions.
  3. 03Free from BPA and traditional plastics.
  4. 04Suitable for home composting.
  5. 05Heat resistant up to 194℉(90℃)

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Our Products

Tritan Round Plate
Sugarcane Fiber Collection
Crystalline PET Cup
Tritan Lunch Box
Tritan Bowl

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