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What is Airless Bottle?

An airless bottle is a pressureless vacuum distribution design. In other words, using a mechanical pump in the bottle to fill the airless bottle will retain the material stored in the bottle and maintain its integrity until it is used up.

Therefore, our airless bottle are widely used in cosmetic care products packaging, because the material in the bottle will be able to be completely dispensed without opening the pump, so the integrity of the contents can be kept stable during use.

Advantages of our airless bottles:
  1. Airless bottles help prevent product contact with air and contaminants during filling, storage, and use, thereby improving longevity and quality of storage.
  2. Airless bottles are the ideal cosmetics packaging for skincare products, such as a serum, lotion, cream, foundation, gel, and cleanser, etc.
  3. airless bottle packaging has almost no risk of contamination and degradation, so manufacturers can reduce the use of preservatives, thereby making the product more organic.

Living Fountain specializes in manufacturing airless bottle with high quality and competitive price to meet client's needs. Please keep browsing and contact us.



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