PCR PET Preform

Taiwan PCR Plastic Preform Supplier (OEM/ODM)

Living Fountain strictly controls the source of raw materials to ensure that there are no safety concerns, with an automated production line to provide various PET performs ranging from 18MM/7.5G for small bottles (carry-on bottles and travel bottles) to 120MM/130G for big container for candy jar, cookie jar and, food jars. We have professional equipment and experienced technicians to impose quality control. Besides, according to customer needs, our sales specialist will recommend suitable preforms for different bottle applications used in personal care, house cleaners, as well as various beverages, and food products.

In addition, we also provide PCR PET preforms, which are designed for environmentally conscious consumers with products that align with their eco-friendly preferences. This approach allows brands and consumers to collectively move towards the goal of sustainable development.


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