Dispensing Pump

Living Fountain has developed many types of dispenser pump, which can be applied to the personal care, detergent, and food packaging markets. Starting with 3.5cc dispenser pump, Living Fountain gained a lot of abundant and professional technology, its production conforms to international standards, with the advantages of high quality and stability, our pumps are sold all over the world.

Among them, the most special is Spring Outboard Pump, which can prevent emulsions, gels and other liquid or oily products that are fragile and sensitive in nature and will not change color or quality when the content contact with metal springs. The spring is placed on top of pump where doesn’t contact with the content. It is more suitable for content that easily produce chemical reaction with spring and cause the spring to rust.

Living Fountain also provides eco-friendly dispenser pump produced by PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic resin). The PCR material particles have a complete traceability and quality assurance. By continuing product improvement and testing, Living Fountain created the first carbon-reduction and environmental friendly PCR dispenser pump.

The unique design of pumice pump allows milky or colloidal liquids containing fine beads particle to be squeezed out smoothly without clogging. This pump is suitable for industrial hand cleaner and scrub cleaner products. 


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