Dispensing Pump

What Are Plastic Dispensing Pumps?

A plastic dispensing pump is a device designed for controlled and measured dispensing of liquids, commonly used in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household products. It can accurately deliver specific amounts of liquid substances such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, or serums, with each pump.


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Taiwan OEM/ODM Plastic Dispensing Pump Supplier

Starting with 3.5cc dispenser pump, Living Fountain plastic dispensing pump manufacturers has developed various specs and gained a lot of abundant and professional technology, its production conforms to international standards, with the advantages of high quality and stability, our OEM/ODM dispensing pumps are sold all over the world.

Function and Benefits

1. Hygienic Application

The pump design allows for hygienic application by reducing direct contact with the product. This prevents contamination and maintains the integrity of the remaining contents.

2. Controlled Usage

With measured dispensing, users have better control over the amount of product they use, avoiding overuse and promoting cost efficiency.

3. Reduced Spillage and Mess

The controlled dispensing significantly reduces spillage or mess associated with pouring from open bottles, maintaining a clean and organized environment.

4. Versatile Applications

These pumps are adaptable and can be used with various types of bottles or containers, making them versatile for different product applications.

Eco-Friendly : PCR Material Choice

As a PCR packaging supplier, Living Fountain also provides an eco-friendly dispenser pump produced by PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic resin). The PCR material particles have complete traceability and quality assurance. By continuing product improvement and testing, we created the first carbon-reduction and environmentally friendly PCR dispenser pump. Welcome to contact us for more dispensing pump solutions!