Climate Action

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, representing the acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility. While Living Fountain continues its ongoing operations, it strives to embrace the principles of ESG sustainability, contributing to society, addressing environmental concerns, and creating a better future for all.

Social Welfare

Living Fountain deeply aware of the severity of the pandemic and its impact on our health and safety, collaborated with a legislator to donate a "Positive Pressure Quarantine Booth" to our neighboring institution, Wufeng Cheng Ching Hospital. The aim is to reduce the need for residents to travel across regions, contribute to pandemic prevention efforts, and collectively safeguard our community.

Social Welfare

Living Fountain in collaboration with local companies, has made a joint contribution to donate solar-powered LED flashing lights to the Wufeng District. The LED flashing lights, powered by solar photovoltaic panels, automatically illuminate at night. These lights are strategically placed at crucial intersections, accident-prone areas, and poorly lit turning sections in the Wufeng District. They serve as an effective reminder for pedestrians and motorists to prioritize safety.

Social Welfare

Living Fountain participated in Beach Cleanup and Plastic Reduction event, jointly organized by the Taichung Plastics Products Commercial Association and Changhua Plastics Products Commercial Association, with sponsorship from the Horng En Group. The event took place at the Chang Bing Fishing Port, where hundreds of people enthusiastically participated in beach cleanup activities for protecting the earth.

RE10x10 Climate Declaration

To accelerate the carbon reduction efforts of Taiwanese companies and demonstrate a commitment to addressing the climate crisis, Greenpeace has launched the “RE10x10” initiative. On August 24, 2022, Living Fountain signed the "RE10x10 Climate Declaration," pledging to achieve a minimum of 10% green energy usage in total electricity consumption by 2025 and striving towards 100% renewable energy usage by 2050.

LED Panel Lights Installation

All types of lights in the entire factory, totaling 779 bulbs, have been completely replaced with LED panel lights. It has decreased from 41,649 to 31,669 watts, reducing usage by approximately 24% in total.

Reusable PP Corrugated Boxes

Gradually replacing single-use cardboard boxes in the factory with reusable PP corrugated boxes. This change reduces the use of approximately 36,924 paper boxes per year, resulting in a carbon emission reduction of 337,855 kilograms.

Paperless Office

From June 2022 to May 2023, a total of 35,831 electronic documents were processed, saving 644.958 kg of carbon emissions.

Carbon Footprint Verification On-going

Since April 2023, the entire plant has been undergoing guidance for the ISO 14064-1 carbon footprint verification, with the verification expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2024. The Greenhouse Gas(GHG) inventory report for the year 2022 has already been generated.