Sustainable Production

Living Fountain aligns with the 12th goal of 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) - ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. We integrate green sustainability into our company's operational plans and continue to move towards "green energy" and "energy saving and carbon reduction" in our production.

Renewable Energy

Living Fountain has installed a solar power generation system, producing clean and renewable energy. The solar panels have a capacity of 97.905 kilowatts. In 2021, the total renewable energy generated was 123,419 kWh, resulting in a reduction of 62,820 kilograms of carbon emissions. In 2020, the total renewable energy generated was 126,454 kWh, leading to a decrease of 63,480 kilograms of carbon emissions.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

The traditional hydraulic injection molding machine is driven by commercial electricity (220V / 60Hz) to power three-phase induction motors, using a quantitative pump for oil supply. Due to the continuous operation of the three-phase induction motor and the action of the relief valve, energy consumption is generated. By adopting fully electric injection molding machines, not only can the original production capacity be increased, but power consumption can also be reduced to 0.435 times of the original, achieving a 56.5% energy saving.

Living Fountain Company has been gradually replacing traditional machines with fully electric injection molding machines since 2015. As of 2020, a total of 11 machines have been replaced.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

Adjusting the position of the light tubes in 14 bottle-blowing machines' original settings can result in approximately 13.7% energy savings.