Sustainable Products

Living Fountain is a professional sustainable plastic packaging factory located in Taiwan and Vietnam, and has over 30 years of professional production experience in plastic molding manufacturing.

Since 2015

Living Fountain have been committed to promoting using PCR (Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Resin) to produce green packaging.

In 2015, the United Nations announced the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs), including 17 SDGs goals, such as eradicating poverty, promoting a green economy and gender equality etc., guiding the world to work together towards sustainability.

As a green plastic packaging factory, with the goal of SDGs 12 - " Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns", we have been thinking about how to reduce carbon so as to protect the earth, and develop more environment friendly plastic resin for our customers.

Living Fountain uses recycled resin for sustainable plastic packaging solutions to reduce the burden on the earth, and the production of virgin resin, carries out industrial recycling to achieve sustainable resource utilization, and continues to work towards the goal of carbon neutrality.


Cooperated with O’right

Created the world’s first renewable plastic pump to achieve a circular economy and sustainable plastic packaging.


Cooperated with Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op

Launched "Green Advocate Ecological Laundry Detergent - Sustainable Bottled", using recycled resin to produce 100% recycled plastic bottles, improve the recycling rate of resources and implement the concept of environment protection.


By cooperating with well-known supermarket chains

Use "PBS sugarcane fiber" to make coffee portable cups, reduce and redefine agricultural waste, use renewable resources and achieve biological cycle.

Tritan (modified PCT)

TritanTM Copolyester is a safe plastic material developed by Eastman Company in USA, also known as modified PCT. It does not contain bisphenol A, bisphenol S and other bisphenols. Due to the characteristics of safety, stability, non-toxicity, high temperature resistance, tough and impact-resistant, and crystal clear, it is widely used in household and baby products. For example, German water purifier, Sweden blender, and American, Japanese portable water bottles and baby feeding bottles. It is also used in medical products, such as such as syringes, minimally invasive surgical part, and other medical device components.

From daily use to medical products, Tritan (modified PCT) products are widely used direct contacting with the human and require safety. As a result, it is widely used by many international brands.

PBS Sugarcane Fiber

PBS sugarcane fiber is a kind of biomass material, the bagasse after sugar cane is pressed. The texture of sugarcane fiber is rough. When producing 1 ton of sugar, it will cause 2 to 3 tons of bagasse. By recycling bagasse, it can be used to replace and reduce the use of virgin plastics. Since the emphasis is on the recycling of renewable resources, it is very friendly to the earth's environment. What’s more, the energy consumption and carbon emission of sugarcane fiber is lower than virgin plastics when producing.

Closed Circulatory System

Living Fountain PCR packaging supplier is the first company in Taiwan to invest in Tritan tableware, and we’re the first one planning tableware B2B closed circulatory service system, moving towards circular economy production with our sustainable plastic packaging solutions.

Prohibiting the use of disposable tableware has gradually become an environmental trend around the world. As a result, providing safe tableware to consumers, and B2B closed circulatory system can maintain a high recycling rate of discarded tableware. The recycled tableware can be made into other products to achieve the goal of circular economy.