Trigger Sprayer

OEM/ODM Trigger Sprayer Manufacturer

As a custom trigger sprayer manufacturer, Living Fountain provides different output volumes of trigger sprayer heads, offering a practical and efficient method for dispensing liquids with precision, ease of use, and versatility across various applications while also promoting sustainability.


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Trigger Sprayer with Different Effects and Output Volumes

A trigger sprayer head is a dispensing mechanism commonly affixed to containers or bottles, allowing for the controlled release of liquid contents through a spraying action. Living Fountain has various types of trigger sprayers available to cater to different OEM/ODM needs. By simply rotating the nozzle cap, you can achieve different effects and output volumes. These options may include 2 functions (spray/off, foam/off), 3 functions (stream/spray/off), and the ability to adjust the output volume by rotating the cap.

Advantages of Living Fountain Plastic Trigger Sprayers

1. Premium Build Quality

Crafted with precision, Living Fountain trigger sprayers are manufactured using top-tier materials. We also provide PCR material types to meet sustainable goals.

2. Compatibility and Adaptability

We offer trigger sprayers compatible with a wide range of bottle neck sizes, ensuring seamless integration with different packaging containers.

3. OEM/ODM Solutions

Living Fountain understands that each client has unique packaging needs. Hence, we provide customized solutions, including color options, branding, and specific design alterations, catering to individual requirements.

4. Precise Dispensing Solution

Engineered for accuracy, our plastic trigger sprayers ensure controlled and consistent dispensing, minimizing wastage and maximizing product efficiency.

Living Fountain trigger sprayer supplier has rich experience in the packaging field, able to offer professional guidance and comprehensive support and assistance. As a sustainable plastic packaging factory, we also take care of sustainability. Welcome to contact us to elevate your product packaging and dispensing capabilities!