Business Teams

President Statement

With the efforts of the management team and all employees, Living Fountain has shown exceptional resilience since the first dispenser pump with 3.5c.c dosage launched. We continue to provide customer-oriented services and always adhere to high standards of corporate governance and performance. By leveraging the strength of our advanced technologies and manufacturing know-how, we provide sustainable packaging and successfully entered the field of green tableware. Living Fountain will strive towards the next level to enrich human life.

“We passionately own the experience in manufacturing and create a vision of the technical cycle articulately. “


Research & Development Department

Living Fountain has a specialist’s team who use their knowledge and experience to find the ideal solutions to achieve company goals and to meet market demands. Whether it's a brand-new design for manufacture or a redesign to improve an existing component's performance, the specialists will review what's required to create the best result.

In this team, we develop technologies and make sure they are following the global trends and meet reliability requirements. Furthermore, we calculate project costs and implement budget strategies.

We also evaluate technical research, ensuring they are prospective, advising test methods for achieving required levels and recommending acceptance criteria through statistical procedures.

Sales Department

Living Fountain sales team is a role with a blend of developing customers and maintaining business.

Sales representatives are qualified to convert potential customers and new opportunities into customers and prospects through the sales process. Also, we are committed to demonstrate green products, which are made of Living Fountain’s highly competitive technological advantage.

We build a close relationship with customers by prioritizing their requirements and coming up with a proper proposal, analyzing the technical information from various sources for supporting business decisions, offering excellent after-sales service, and handling customer satisfaction investigation.

Our sales team not only has a solid understanding of the sales process, but also plays an important role to coordinate with customers and to promote cross functional team interaction.