Custom Molding

Development and Design

Molding refers to the mold developing, designing and production. The production of molds and related equipment to achieve product design requires discussions and confirmation of design drafts in order to produce excellent molds.

Molding and Samples

Living Fountain PCR packaging supplier provides customized molding services. Customers put forward development needs, provide samples or ideas. We would discuss product direction and characteristics with customers, and then transfer the R&D department to draw 3D design drawings to 2D for customer review (if the customer has demand for 3D printing sample, it also could be provided by us for confirmation.) After the sample specifications are confirmed, the molds could be created for production, and the products required by customers could be mass-produced through the molds.

Equipment and Machines

The molding equipment of Living Fountain dispensing pump suppliers includes traditional lathes, traditional milling machines, traditional grinders, centerless grinders, CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC electrical discharge machines, etc. professional equipment to assist customers in making precise mold.