PCR Pump 3.5cc

Cap Size
Outflow per stroke
Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging
Scope of application
Personal Care/Body Care/Household Cleaning/Cup & Plate Cleaning
The DPR344 PCR recycled material pump head is dedicated to environmental protection and is manufactured using recycled materials, bringing more green elements to your products while ensuring excellent performance and functionality.

Multiple Tooth Specifications Available:

The DPR344 PCR recycled material pump head offers a variety of tooth specifications, including 28/400, 28/410, 33/410, and 38/400, 38/410. Our goal is to meet the packaging needs of your different products, ensuring that the pump head fits perfectly with your existing packaging, providing an outstanding user experience.

High Dispensing Output:

This pump head has a dispensing output of 3.5 cc, making it suitable for the application of creamy or viscous liquids. Whether it's cosmetics, cleaning agents, facial care products, or personal care items, the DPR344 PCR recycled material pump head can handle them with ease. Its high dispensing output also makes it an ideal choice for cup tray cleaning, household cleaning, and body care.

Environmentally Friendly and Green Plastic:

Our recycled material pump head is built on the core values of environmental protection and green plastic, using recycled materials in its manufacturing process. This helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources while minimizing the environmental impact of plastic waste. By choosing PCR pump head, you will contribute to the cause of environmental protection and incorporate eco-consciousness into your products, showcasing your care for the environment.

Wide Range of Applications:

The DPR344 PCR recycled material pump head has a wide range of applications, covering creamy/viscous liquids, cosmetics, cleaning agents, facial care, personal care, cup tray cleaning, household cleaning, and body care, among others. If you have other application needs, we are more than happy to provide professional consultations and custom solutions, making your products even more outstanding.

If you have any questions or need more information about the DPR344 PCR recycled material pump head, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services, injecting more green value into your products.