Best OEM/ODM PET Jar Manufacturers

As a leading PET jar supplier, Living Fountain produces high-efficiency and high-quality PET jar shapes to meet any customized jars, meanwhile, we provide labeling services of wrap-around, front/back, and twin side labeling, moving to a high-value and beauty brand added of your products.


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How to Produce Plastic PET Jars?

We produce OEM/ODM PET jar by two-stage injection stretch blow molding. We will reheat PET performs by adjusting heating position, area and power according to different PET preform and shapes, so that the preform can be evenly stretched to produce bottles with regular thickness.

PET jar is manufactured by stretch blow molding. The first stage is injection the preforms and the second is do stretch blow molding to make bottles. PET bottles have a dot in the center of the bottom of the bottle and show material classification and recycling marks. PET is the No. 1 classification and recyclable material.