PET Bottle

Reliable OEM/ODM Plastic PET Bottle Manufacturers

Living Fountain OEM/ODM plastic PET bottle suppliers use high-quality material -PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) to do containers. Our PET plastic bottles are ideal solutions for various applications such as clean products, cosmetics, medicine, etc.


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Benefits of OEM/ODM PET Bottles

Our OEM/ODM PET plastic bottles have excellent toughness, transparency, lightweight (only 1/9-1/15 of the weight of the glass bottle), heat-resistant temperature to 60°C. Besides, they are also easy to carry and use, less energy consumption during production, good air tightness, good chemical resistance and have non-toxic and safe characteristics.

When it comes to applications, the PET bottle is a good material for soda water, tea, juice, drinking water, wine, soy sauce, cleansers, shampoos, cooking oil, syrups, cosmetics, lotion, and alcoholic beverages, and more. According to customers' needs, we are able to give you suggestions on what kinds of OEM/ODM plastic PET bottle is recommended to you.

Manufacturing Process of PET Plastic Bottles

PET bottle is manufactured by stretch blow molding. The first stage is injection the preforms and the second is do stretch blow molding to make bottles. PET bottles have a dot in the center of the bottom of the bottle and show material classification and recycling marks. PET is the No. 1 classification and recyclable material.