PET Bottle

Living Fountain uses material -PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) to do containers, which has excellent toughness, transparent, lightweight(only 1/9-1/15 of the weight of the glass bottle), heat-resistant temperature to 60°C, easy to carry and use, less energy consumption during production, good air tightness, good chemical resistance and non-toxic and safe characteristics, it is a good material for soda water, tea, juice, drinking water, wine and soy sauce. PET bottles also can be used for cleansers, shampoos, cooking oil, syrups, cosmetics, lotion, and alcoholic beverages.

PET bottle is manufactured by stretch blow molding. The first stage is injection the preforms and the second is do stretch blow molding to make bottles. PET bottles have a dot in the center of the bottom of the bottle and show material classification and recycling marks. PET is the No. 1 classification and recyclable material.


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